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Marine Air Conditioning Capacity Calculator

Using The Calculator

Calculating the Average dimensions:

Measure the longest and the shortest sizes and get the average. For example: the width at the cabin sole is 7 ft and the width on the ceiling is 9 ft. Then the average width is (7+9)/2 = 8 Ft

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Selecting the Right Size Air Conditioner for the Job

An accurate sizing of a marine air conditioner is an important task. Wrongly calculated air conditioning capacity might result in negative or damaging consequences.

If the marine air conditioner is substantially undersized, obviously the cooling or heating functions will be insufficient.

If the marine air conditioner is substantially oversized, following negative consequences will occur

1- The energy will be wasted unnecessarily.

2- Cost of the unit will be higher than required.

3- Cost of installation will be higher since a bigger unit will need a bigger ductwork, a bigger pump, and a thicker power cables etc.

4- The compressor will interval (will be switched on an off) very frequently and this will result a shorter life expectancy.

5- The humidity removal function will not work as expected. The humidity level may even be increased.

6- The users will be disturbed because of the temperature level is changing up and down very fast (especially during sleeping). They may even get sick.

Calculated Capacity

Recommended Product

4000 btuh to 7500 btuh MSBA6
7500 btuh to 10000 btuh MSBA9
10000 btuh to 12500 btuh MSBA11
12500 btuh to 14500 btuh MSBA14
14500 btuh to 17000 btuh MSBA16
Important Notice: The purpose of the calculator is to make a rough estimation only. We strongly recommend that a professional to make a precise calculation based on the type & condition of the boat.